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Anonymous asked: Are you making part two of 'he upsets you'? It's quite good.

Yuppers. I’m going to try and write it today!

Anonymous asked: please do a part 2 to he upsets you!! i love your blog!

Aww thanks ☺️❤️❤️

Anonymous asked: Are you going to write a part 2 to your last pref?? If you are when?

I’m going to try to write it today :)

Anonymous asked: Are you going to do a part 2 to he upsets you? By the way you are a really great writer keep it up!:)

I’ll for sure do a part two! And thanks :) That means a lot to me!

Ashton’s feeling pretty “hole-y” this Easter
*slaps knee b/c so punny*

5sos Preference #3 - He Upsets You


You and Michael were touring around London on one of his days off. You treasured these times together because he rarely did have time off. You had planned a full day of fun things the two of you could do together and you couldn’t be anymore excited, much to Michael’s amusement. “Jeeze, (y/n). If you walk any faster, you’re going to be sprinting. Slow down! We have the whole day.” But you couldn’t help yourself. You wanted this day to be special and show Michael just how much he meant to you. “I can’t help it! I’ve planned this day forever ago and I’m so excited that I finally get to spend it with you.” You had almost arrived at your first destination, a booked out arcade, where the two of you could play as many games as you wanted for two hours, when people started to recognize Michael. Before you knew it, Michael was swarmed by twenty girls all wanting to talk to him. You understood how much the fans meant to him, so you went and sat on a nearby bench. However, after you had been sitting there for twenty minutes, you decided it was time to go get Michael and head to the arcade so you did not lose your spot. There was only a few girls left, so you figured it would be okay to leave. As you walked closer, you realized your day was not going to go as planned. “You guys mean the world to me. Of course I will go out for lunch with you. As long as you pay, of course.” It was classic Mikey flirting and you knew it. Before you heard anything else, you spun on your heels and quickly walked back the way you came. Your day was completely ruined.

For the past few days, Ashton was behaving strangely. He never wanted to spend time with you or any of the boys and when he had to spend time with you guys, he always made some excuse to leave early. You weren’t Ashton’s girlfriend, but as his bestfriend, you were annoyed with the way he was acting. It was a Saturday night and you and the boys were having a movie night. It was supposed to have started half an hour ago, but Ashton still wasn’t there and you had insisted that you wait for him. “(Y/n), let’s just start the movie. He’s probably not going to show up anyway.” You threw a glare at Calum and told him that he would show up. This was a tradition and there was no way that Ashton would miss it. Luke began to fidget with his hands and bite his lip, a sign that he was nervous. You began to stare at him, waiting for him to crack. Only a short minute later, he began to blurt out everything. “He’s not coming (y/n). He went out on a date tonight with Jessica. That’s what he has been doing all week.” You had began to see red and you wouldn’t have been surprised if steam was coming out of your ears. Jessica is his ex girlfriend, that made the breakup a public affair and cut Ashton’s heart into a million pieces, leaving you to fix the mess. Without a word to the other boys, you collected your bag and headed home, promising yourself that you weren’t going to be there for him anymore.

You had went on tour with the boys and at the start, it had been great. Calum would be the sweetest boyfriend you could have asked for and you were just having an overall great time. Things began to change when you started to get homesick and you began to cling to Calum more often. You could tell he was beginning to get annoyed but you couldn’t help yourself. He was the only source of comfort to you. The band was stopped in a city for the next show and you guys were finally able to stay in a hotel and just relax. You were currently in yours and Cal’s room, but you were unable to sleep. Finally giving in, you left and went to Ashton’s room, where the boys were playing video games. “Babe, can you come back now? I can’t sleep.” Calum either didn’t hear you or was ignoring you. After a minute of awkwardly standing there, Ashton spoke up. “Um, Cal? Are you going to answer her?” Calum finally looked away from his game and quickly looked at you, raising his eyebrows. “(Y/n), I am busy with the guys right now. I need to have some band time without you. Just go back to the room and I’ll be there when we are done playing.” You could feel the tears burn your eyes, but you promised yourself you were not going to cry in front of them. You quickly spun around and dashed out of the room, heading to your room to book the next flight home.

You and Luke had been dating for about 4 months now and everything was going perfectly. You were falling deeper and deeper for him and you thought that maybe he could be your forever. The only problem was that he had yet to introduce you to his family, always making excuses to you. You wanted to meet them so badly, but you didn’t know why Luke was so reluctant to introduce you. One day, you had texted Luke and asked him if he had wanted to hangout. He told you that he couldn’t because they guys were busy writing at the house for the album. Being the nice girlfriend you were, you decided to go pick up the boys some lunch and bring it over to them. When you got there though, you were in for a surprise. Liz and Jack were there with Luke and the rest of the boys were no where to be found. Luke gave you a big smile and kissed you quickly on the cheek, thanking you for bringing food. He quickly hurried away to the kitchen to get plates and utensils for everyone. You smiled at Luke’s family wanting to make the best impression possible. “Man, this is a surprise. We come to visit Luke and he has a secret girlfriend he has never told us about.” Jack winked at you and Liz chuckled. You knew they were only joking, but it felt like you had been stabbed in the heart. Luke hadn’t told his family about you. That’s why he didn’t want you to meet them. Questions ran through your mind. Are you embarrassing to him? Does he not feel the same way about you? You quickly told Liz and Jack that you forgot that you had an important meeting today and you had to head out. You quickly got out of there, before you burst into tears.

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